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Devil (2012)

Perfect structure, scary in just the right way, great cast, elevator, simple and complicated at the same time, presence of a demon, the surprisingly unsurprising but watchable twist that always puts my mind at ease.

I have yet to come across a movie that Shyamalan’s involved with which I dislike - there’s always at least one thing, usually more that one, that make the experience totally worthwhile, which is something that is becoming increasingly difficult to predict when deciding on a movie to watch. So for me he’s still a sure bet, hopefully that won’t change even AFTER After Earth.

Cosmopolis (2012)

For some reason I felt very calm watching this movie, definitely not something I would expect.

Although Robert Pattinson will have to make a few more movies to prove he’s an actor, I must say he does a very fine job in this one (I did also like him in Water for elephants).

The script is brilliant, I’m sorry to say I couldn’t understand a lot of it, which I’m not sure is due to Pattinson’s mumbling or that the lines were difficult to deliver, probably a combination of both.

Silver Linings Playbook (2012)

This movie is life. So watch it. And then live it.

Bradley Cooper can do no wrong in my eyes at this point. He played this role to perfection.

And the music, and the comedy, and the awkward/crazy/silly/full-of-life/weird/happy dancing, and Chris Tucker’s reappearing as a regular when he’s supposed to be tucked away at the mental institution for all kinds of crazy is simply brilliant.

I guess David O. Russell deserves an Oscar.

Life of Pi (2012)

Not nearly as good as the book, but anyone who’s read it knows it could never come close.

Having said that, I also knew beforehand I would enjoy the movie, and I did. Suraj Sharma and Richard Parker (his creators) did an amazing job and I suspect I would have been able to enjoy it even more if I’d got around to watching the 3D version and if it wasn’t for the unpleasant personal circumstances that I was unable to leave at the cinema door this time, before starting the great(est) adventure.

The Lucky One (2012)

This one doesn’t ever have the small Spark that some of the other Sparks movies have. Of course, you can only write so many versions of the exact same story.

I wouldn’t have been able to watch the whole thing if it wasn’t for the pleasant-on-the-eyes scenery (and I mean the actual scenery, not Zac Efron), and if I wasn’t a sucker for happy endings. Even if they are bad. And even if they have to kill someone off just to make it a happy ending.

And dogs are never a bad thing. And neither is Blythe Danner. Blythe Danner. That’s quite a name. I don’t think I ever wrote it down before. She’s awesome.

John from Cincinnati (2007- )

Great series.

Really tested my patience early on cause not one single thing made sense enough to grab my full attention and things just continued to get more and complicated with every episode. But going with the vibe of the show I decided not to fuss about it and just try and enjoy it, which I was able to (very much so) mostly due to the characters and amazing acting all around.

There’s a lot I didn’t get, but well worth the watch in any case. It gives you a lifetime of material to think about, but I could do with a few more clues.

And there’s a lot of good.

Chronicle (2012)

Something doesn’t work in this movie. I don’t know, it’s way too heavy when you feel like it should just be fun. You wanna enjoy it but it keeps getting all serious and stuff.

But man, the flying, holy shit, the flying! Every scene that has to do with the powers is just mind-blowing and too much fun, but the flying. Shit! When they first start pushing themselves off the ground and jumping and then stay in the air and try and keep their balance and basically just do anything they can think of it’s like swimming underwater but without the water and you can breathe without any snorkels or annoying big tanks on your back, it looks exactly like flying always feels in my dreams, man why can’t we do it. Damn.

And then it gets all serious, but I guess that’s life, maybe it’s too realistic even, I guess shit would get all crazy if we had powers like that. I mostly love realistic in movies, not in this one though, this one I wish would just be fun.

I loved it, just to be clear.

Captain America: The First Avenger (2011)

Meh. Isn’t bad, but there just isn’t much to it.

The best thing about it is the camaraderie of his motley crew, but they’re only in the movie for about five seconds and don’t really get a fair chance to live up to the comedic potential.

And I do like that despite the odds the movie somehow manages to stay humble, which I believe is mostly due to Chris Evans.

Oh, and I’ve gotta mention Stanley Tucci.

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